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The must-read summary of John F. Harris's book: “The Survivor: Bill Clinton in the White House”. This complete summary of The Survivor by John F. Harris.
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Her new book, Educated , is an account of the struggle for self-invention. Westover argues that education is not just about job training, but a powerful tool of self-invention. Former U. Tuesday, Sept.

Charles Montgomery is an award-winning author, urbanist, and leader of a consultancy building more happiness into cities. It raises issues most of us have avoided for too long. Do we live in neighborhoods that make us happy? That is not a silly question. Montgomery encourages us to ask it without embarrassment, and to think intelligently about the answer. He has advised and lectured planners, students, and decision-makers across the U. He also creates experiments that challenge us to see our cities—and ourselves—in entirely new ways.

Whether it is empowering people to re-imagine a city street using hundreds of giant building blocks, or challenging them to hug complete strangers, each experiment is driven by insights in the science of human well-being. Among his awards is a Citation of Merit from the Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society for outstanding contribution towards public understanding of climate change science. David Dennis Sr. David J.

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Dave Dennis Sr. He was on the first freedom bus ride from Montgomery, Ala. Dennis spoke in Mississippi at the funeral for James Chaney, delivering a eulogy that will long be remembered. He returned to Dillard University in where he graduated in Continuing his education, Dennis left for law school at the University of Michigan; there he graduated in In , he was an organizer of a successful challenge to the Louisiana Democratic Party structure that resulted in an African-American chairman and a majority African-American delegation being sent to the national convention, the first time since Reconstruction.

In the '60s, the most pressing need for African-American residents in Mississippi for citizenship was to be able to register to vote unobstructed.

Dennis became committed in the early '90s to the pressing need of quality education as necessary for first class citizenship, joining Moses in his work to increase participation of low-performing students in the gatekeeper course Algebra I by or before the eighth grade. Without early access to Algebra I, students cannot complete a heavy mathematics program in high school enabling them to go into careers in science and technology. The current climate in which the Voting Rights Act of is under assault underscores that citizens must be ever vigilant in our efforts to maintain safeguards to our citizenship already hard-won and to continue the pursuit of those necessary elements for full citizenship that are yet to be secured.

Dennis, father to six and grandfather to 11, resides in Summerville, S. Dennis has been interviewed and recorded in numerous documents, articles, books, newspapers, magazines, and documentaries over the years.

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He has also received many awards and recognitions. Tuesday, Feb. Legendary nature photographer Thomas D. Thursday, March 21, 7 p. Magda Brown was born June 11, , in Miskolc, Hungary.

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Each transport held thousands of people, including children and the elderly. They traveled for three days without food, water, or any idea where they were being sent. The final destination was the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp in Poland.

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After arriving, Magda was separated from her mother, father, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends. It was the last time she saw them — they were sent directly into the gas chambers. This lecture is part of the Teaching the Holocaust Workshop. Her writing and speaking is passionate and eloquent as she seeks to deepen the understanding of the human condition in order to garner more compassion in the world. Wednesday, Sept. This team delivers some extremely rare footage of natural phenomena in the Driftless , in a way never seen before. Join us for a wild ride of adventure from the air, ground, water, and of the secret under-world, as leading scientists, local guides, and area enthusiasts reveal their passion for, and knowledge of the Driftless.

Travel to back in time million years to discover how this unique region formed and has evolved over time. Explore the archeology, paleontology, geology, and biology of this fascinating region with fun-loving hosts from Untamed Science who will open your eyes, mind, and heart like never before. Up to this point, there have been no serious proposals for slowing the spread of CWD in Wisconsin.

Hauge retired from the DNR after 37 years with the wildlife program, the last 25 as director of the Wildlife Management Program. Monday, Oct. She was driven by the lack of services for commercially sexually exploited and domestically trafficked girls and young women and the incredible stigma and punishment they faced from service providers, law enforcement, the courts, their families and society. Twenty years later, her indelible impact on the issue of commercial sexual exploitation and domestic trafficking has helped shift the perception of trafficked girls from criminals to victims and now to survivors and leaders.

GEMS is now the largest service provider of its kind in the nation providing intensive services and support to over girls and young women, preventive outreach and education to 1, youth, and training over 1, professionals each year. Since then 28 other states have followed suit. Anthony Award from the National Organization for Women, among many other accolades. Amit Sood, M. Thursday, Nov.

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In , he was selected as the top impact maker in health care in Rochester, Minn. Home About Viterbo D. Find Out More. Reinhart Institute for Ethics in Leadership. Conferences and Workshops. Dickinson was dismayed to learn that not all rock performers were "great artists"; he felt that some, such as Samson, were only interested in women, drugs and alcohol, which he was unable to relate to.

While fronting the band, Dickinson also came across Iron Maiden for the first time, who were supporting Samson at the Music Machine in In fact, I'm going to sing for that band! I know I'm going to sing for that band!

Publications from the Poverty, Inequality and Social Exclusion Series

I just thought, 'This is really me. Not Samson. Dickinson remained in the band for another year, recording two studio albums with them— Head On and Shock Tactics. Dickinson went to audition for Iron Maiden at a rehearsal room in Hackney in September and immediately discovered that this was a much more professional operation than he was used to with Samson. Iron Maiden had a strict and organised routine that suited the band's writing style, which Dickinson described as a "time table". In the wake of Samson's contractual problems, Dickinson could not legally be credited on any of the record's songs, [35] having to make, what he called, a "moral contribution", later revealing that he had contributed limited creative input to "The Prisoner", "Children of the Damned" and " Run to the Hills ".

On the following albums, 's Piece of Mind and 's Powerslave , Steve Harris 's song-writing monopoly was pushed aside in favour of other members' ideas, with Dickinson contributing to a number of tracks, including the singles " Flight of Icarus " and " 2 Minutes to Midnight ". After a six-month break, which Dickinson mostly spent practising fencing, [43] Iron Maiden began writing their next album, Somewhere in Time. Dickinson was disappointed with the effort as he felt that the band needed a more dramatic stylistic departure from past records to remain relevant, despite its introduction of synthesised bass and guitars.

After a subsequent tour , Iron Maiden started working on their next studio effort, Seventh Son of a Seventh Son , which featured more progressive rock elements than the band's previous records. Iron Maiden's eighth studio release, 's No Prayer for the Dying , had a raw sound that, according to AllMusic , did not "hold up well" compared to past efforts, [51] as it was recorded in a barn which Steve Harris owned, with a mobile studio owned by the Rolling Stones. Throughout the tour, Dickinson drew a lot of criticism from his bandmates, with Steve Harris in particular saying, "I really wanted to kill him.

After embarking on a small tour , the band set about recording Brave New World , their first studio album with Dickinson since Dickinson insisted that they find a replacement for the now retired Martin Birch , the band's regular producer, and record in a different studio than the one in which they made No Prayer for the Dying and Fear of the Dark , to which Harris agreed. In and , the band set out on the Somewhere Back in Time World Tour , [66] which has since been described as "groundbreaking" [67] for its use of Ed Force One , the band's customised Boeing , flown by Dickinson himself, [66] and led to the documentary film Iron Maiden: Flight , which had a limited cinema release in April Lead singer Ozzy Osbourne 's wife, Sharon , encouraged family friends and members of other bands to sabotage Iron Maiden's last performance at Hyundai Pavilion in San Bernardino, California , on 20 August, [78] in an attack which Rod Smallwood criticised as "vile, dangerous, criminal and cowardly", as well as disrespectful to fans who had paid to see the band perform "a full unhindered performance".

Following the concert at San Bernardino, Osbourne released a further statement which accused Dickinson of making several anti-American comments, [84] of which Classic Rock stated that "nobody can present any cast-iron evidence". Dickinson took up the opportunity and called an old friend of his, former Gillan guitarist, Janick Gers , and, shortly after meeting up, they had " Bring Your Daughter to the Slaughter " ready for the studio, [87] then recorded with the assistance of bassist Andy Carr, and drummer Fabio del Rio. Yeah, that'll do. Later that year, Dickinson participated on a re-recording of Deep Purple 's " Smoke on the Water ", as part of the humanitarian effort Rock Aid Armenia.

Bean , which was used in for Comic Relief , [92] and five years later, on Bean Soundtrack. For his second solo effort, Dickinson received the collaboration of American producer, Keith Olsen , and, while working on the record in LA, decided to leave Iron Maiden. After the Balls to Picasso supporting tour finished, he started working on a new studio record, Skunkworks. Dickinson decided that Skunkworks would be the title of the band as well, but the record company refused to release the album without his name on the cover.