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Korat 0. LaPerm 0. Maine Coon Manx 0. Norwegian Forest Cat Ocicat 0. Oriental 2. Persian RagaMuffin 0. Peterbald 0. Ragdoll Siamese Scottish Fold 5. Siberian 7. Singapura 0. Selkirk Rex 1. Somali 0. Sphynx 4. Tonkinese 0. Turkish Van 2. Turkish Angora 6. Gender : Maschio. Coat : silver tabby. Eyes : green. The minute they sit down he is on their laps getting as much attention as possible. Even when we are at home with him, he is either sitting.

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He just loves human company. He is now 12 years old and I decided that it would be worth giving him one last try to see if he had forgotten what had once upset him so much. All the judges praised him and said he did not look his age. To top that he won his first Mastercat Certificate. I had decided that he was a bit too old to go back in the Pedigree Section so put him in the Pedigree Pet Section. He will be going out again sometime but I will not rush him as I would hate him to be frightened again.

Proud owner Carole Kemp. Far left: Egyptian Mau Accico Lighting hie at his rst adu t show. Left: Thundercat with his rossettes from the weekend. He loves nothing better than a belly rub and a webbox stick! Jemima is really cuddly; she nearly died at nine days old when she stopped feeding but I was determined to fight for her and after 36 hours, she pulled round and I found her feeding from Mum again during the night.

She has been shown twice at two double shows and has three best of breeds plus firsts and seconds. So we are hoping for her to continue her show success, especially as she is our second generation breeding. Your cat will love these exciting toys, perfect for playtime. This fur-covered activity toy is filled with jingling toy balls which can be seen through the holes and move freely to give your cat hours of creative playtime. It comes complete with a mouse rod teaser.

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Two large holes invite your cat inside, and the toy is filled with sewn-in rustling foil to keep your cat entertained. Your loved one will go crazy for these toys. Demand is bound to be great so subscribe now while stocks last. Subscribe today at www. When life is not so sweet Feline Diabetes can be treated and managed well but recognising the signs and getting diagnosis is key.

This function is normally performed by insulin, which is a hormone secreted by the pancreas that encourages. In animals with diabetes, the pancreas fails to produce enough insulin to regulate the glucose levels efficiently, meaning they are too high. If left untreated, this can lead to vomiting, weight loss, weakness and sometimes blindness.

If you see evidence of any of these signs in your cat, please seek veterinary advice without delay, particularly in the case of increased urination and thirst, as both can lead to dehydration. Diabetes is one of the easiest conditions to diagnose and a vet can do this very simply with a urine dip stick test that checks for the level of glucose in the urine.

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Usually there would be none at all so finding significant levels of glucose is a good indication that the cat has developed diabetes. Treatment Most cases of feline diabetes will be treated with insulin injections to replace the hormone not being produced by the pancreas. This is really not as bad as it may sound and most pets generally do not notice the tiny needle when injected into the scruff of the neck.

The injections are normally given twice a day and careful management is a necessity to ensure the correct timing and dosage. Injections are usually timed to allow the peak effect of the insulin to coincide with a meal, ensuring glucose levels do not dip below normal. The correct dosage is crucial as an overdose of insulin can be very dangerous, causing convulsions and the possibility that your cat will go into a coma. Your vet will usually supply you with a pet diabetes kit which includes a record card, disposable syringes with needles, testing strips and enough insulin to see your cat through to his next check up.

It is important to keep the small bottles of insulin in the fridge and prepare them for use as instructed by your vet. Once settled, you will need to continue to monitor at home, as requirements can change. This can be done with a dip stick and a litter tray containing non-absorbent crystals. The urine collects in the tray and within two hours of your cat urinating, you should dip the stick into the urine.

This method is not completely accurate and it is important that you continue to take your cat to the vet for regular blood tests.

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  • Your vet or veterinary nurse will show you how to do this and it is important that you keep a record each day of the results of the tests. Insulin injections are extremely effective in treating the symptoms of the condition but there are other things to take into consideration too. Diet - food can be very important in minimising the effects of diabetes. For overweight cats, your vet will advise a weight-loss programme to help your cat lose weight gradually and safely.

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    Most vets can suggest prescription diets for cats with diabetes and are to be recommended. Exercise - being active can increase the effectiveness of the insulin and reduce high levels of glucose. Making sure your diabetic cat gets plenty of exercise should be a regular feature of daily life and will really help him to manage the condition. Long term Diabetes in cats is a condition that has to be managed as there is currently no cure.

    Good management will mean your diabetic pet can generally expect a good quality of life but sadly, some long term side effects are likely, for instance, the development of cataracts or damage to internal organs such as the kidneys. Their life expectancy will not be as long. Obesity and diabetes Having said that one of the signs your cat may have diabetes is weight-loss, an overweight cat has a far greater risk of developing the condition.

    Maintain a healthy diet - read the back of the food tin or pack to determine the recommended portion size and stick to it. Some cats will scoff the lot in one go and appear hungry for more while many prefer to graze throughout the day. If you are at all concerned that your cat may be overweight, ask your vet for his opinion. Try playing with him instead, or have a favourite toy that only comes out to reward good behaviour.

    Some pet food manufacturers do produce treats that are healthier for your cat or you could give a tiny piece of chicken. Exercise - in the wild, cats will be naturally active as they hunt prey for food. Cats that are allowed outside obviously have more opportunities than indoor cats.

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    See if your cat will wear a harness and walk him around the garden. He will have great fun investigating and there will be butterflies and other insects to chase. There is a good chance that a cat who develops diabetes through being obese will recover and the insulin injections can be stopped. It opened its doors to the public for the first time in August and acts to promote awareness about the importance of wild animals in our environment.

    At Tenikwa, you can come face to face with these magnificent felines, who are all in decline and suffering terribly from loss of habitat, loss of food source and habitat destruction. Humble beginnings Len and Mandy Freeman bought a 46 hectare undeveloped piece of land, comprising Cape Floral Fynbos and pris-.