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Rakuten Kobo'dan Jim Brown tarafından "Bridging the Itchen" kitabını okuyun. Jim Brown is a Sotonian and former Southampton Police Sergeant and Chief.
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Sunday 8 April Gregory's Every Sunday And we LOVE it. Buttered hot cross buns, coffee on the deck, and an Easter basketful of properties to handle. In the Prado household we say, bring on the spring! Now really is the perfect time to get your house on the market.

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Blossom sets any home off nicely, and there are plenty of inquisitive fresh buyers, looking for a new nest. Friendly, personable, honest and open. Most proactive of all agents within our chain — which may have fallen through without his efforts. Helpful on local advice even after sale had gone through. Thanks Philip! Claire, Alresford.

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Call Philip or Joanna on contact pradoestateagents. Set on a hillside amid its own olive terraces, and near the charming, medieval village of Callas in the region of Ver en Provence 58 miles from Nice Airport, La Colette delivers everything you could wish for to give you the perfect holiday.

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For further information Please get in touch with Heather Burke T: or email: hburkeb btinternet. Situated in Alton, the new development will comprise of 56 one and two bedroom apartments and is located near to the banks of the River Wey. Pop in to our on-site sales cabin and speak to our friendly Sales Executives today to find out more.

Subject to availability. Far too few gardeners understand what goes into the perfect lawn. Your lawn has a complex relationship with nutrition, which changes throughout the growing season and these things need to be taken into consideration if you want a healthy, attractive, disease free lawn. When it comes to lawn nutrition there are really three main things to think about; fertiliser composition, timing and application methods. Fertilisation is important as it influences the colour of your lawn, its ability to cope with the stresses of drought, mowing and extremes of temperature and to fight against disease and weed infiltration.

Choosing the right fertiliser and applying it correctly really is the key to success.

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Chemical and organic fertilisers display the nutrient content by way of three different numbers. These three numbers represent the compounds Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium or Potash. Often displayed as N-P-K. The numbers correspond to the percentage of each of these compounds in the fertiliser inside the pack. What each of these compounds does for the plant is probably the most important part.

Nitrogen helps leaf growth. Phosphorus helps the growth of roots and flowers, and Potassium is important for the overall health of the plant.

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When to promote leaf or root growth is really the key to successful lawn nutrition. High nitrogen fertilisers encourage quick leaf growth but potentially make the plant more susceptible to the attacks of pests and diseases.

Phosphorus is important going into winter to encourage healthy and robust roots to support your lawn throughout the challenging months ahead. Another important factor in selecting the right lawn fertiliser is the type of nitrogen actually in the product. Nitrogen fertiliser may consist. For lawns, fertilisers containing controlled-release nitrogen sources are best. Lawn care professionals tend to use coated granular product. The coating is formulated to break down gradually over time, therefore providing a slow release of fertiliser as the plants require it.

Cheaper fertilisers break down with moisture. We use a technical fertiliser which activates as the temperature increases, ensuring that as the days warm and the plant needs more nutrition it is gradually made available. It tends to be more expensive but it certainly is effective, provides professional results and gradual grass growth, rather than a sudden burst of growth resulting in excess mowing requirements.

So we have covered composition and also timing of application. Most home owners who buy their lawn feed from the garden centre will have a choice between granular or liquid feeds.

Avoiding Left Hooks at Itchen Bridge

As we mentioned earlier, ideally you want a product that releases its nutrients into your lawn slowly, as required, over time. There are two downsides to cheaper liquid feeding. The first is that it tends to be immediate.

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Your lawn gets an instant food hit then nothing. We do use liquid, foliar feeds later in the season when we can mix a complex combination of micro-nutrients, amino acids and soil conditioners in a slow release formula that's more appropriate for professional use. Controlled-release granular feed is by far the best choice for amateur use. Most gardeners will attempt to apply this themselves and this can create issues.

Application by hand is almost impossible to get right. The granules slip through your fingers easily and distribution is uneven. Apply too much to one area and you scorch the grass, often blackening or killing it in patches.


Uneven application results in uneven grass growth. Ideally use is a broadcast spreader consisting of a hopper holding the fertiliser and releasing a controlled amount onto a rotating disk, powered by the forward movement of the wheels, distributing the granules in a controlled and even manner.

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  • Bridges completed in 1963.

The amount of fertiliser released is controlled by adjusting holes in the base. Getting the quantities right is important and you must calibrate the spreader before you use it, based on the flow rate of the fertiliser, the granule size, the application rate required and the size of the hopper holes. By the time you have bought the product, the right applicator and factored in the time it takes to carry out the work, you can usually save money by asking a lawn care professional to help look after this part of your garden for you. After all, if you want professional results then a professional is usually the person to ask.

He is always happy to offer friendly, professional advice and help , www. Traditional pest control offers pest control services to homeowners and businesses in hampshire Service for Domestic, Commercial and Agricultural properties Also offering a rabbit, rat, squirrel, fox and deer control service. Fully insured - Discreet service assured at all time. Old hands will know that there will be the opportunity to buy good quality plants, both unusual and old favourites, at very reasonable prices. Wheelbarrows will be provided so you can wheel your purchases around as you choose more.

There will also be homeware, a designer room and a cafe. For further information contact www. When the Sun Lane application goes to committee in the next few weeks, it will endeavour to make the right decision. However, it will be saddled with the weight of the site being allocated in the Local Plan, so it will take considerable effort to persuade it that the proposal is fundamentally flawed.

Protocol dictates that I have to stand down from the committee, but that leaves me free to explain why I feel so strongly that this scheme has the potential to be so damaging for Alresford. There are two particular reasons why I have formed this view. The first is the obvious fact that Alresford will no longer enjoy the significant protection of a bypass, which was built in first place to provide protection from unwanted flows of traffic.

The new access points on the A31 will break the back of the bypass, and create rat runs and general traffic hassle through many hitherto quiet residential streets. New flows will develop, with some seeing the proposal as a short cut onto the A The junction at East Street will be particularly awkward in any event. This has happened many times before.

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There are other reasons besides, and I am much persuaded by those who feel that the same volume of housing could be much more comfortably provided in several smaller sites scattered about the town. Alresford is lucky to have many local residents who have carefully researched the details of the proposals, and who have objectively considered its impacts.

Interestingly enough, both the cuckoo and the rhododendron have similar reputations. They are capable of fascinating us, yet at times can be an irritant as they both share the characteristic of being intruders.